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Addressing the issue of “what if I die” can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. Often people want to avoid this discussion or put it off indefinitely. At Angela Hawekotte, A Professional Law Corporation, we understand that estate planning is not an easy topic to discuss. However, having an estate plan in place is an important step in not only protecting your financial assets and your family but to invest in your future as well.

Attorney Angela Hawekotte has decades experience helping clients in the Pasadena and Los Angeles County Metro area develop estate plans and navigate the probate or estate administration process. As a former practicing CPA (inactive license), she has unique insight and experience in working with complex tax law issues.

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Angela Hawekotte, A Professional Law Corporation, has a long-standing reputation as a professional, experienced, trust and estate law firm that can help clients with a variety of legal matters, including:

If you don’t have an attorney, helping you with your trust, will or estate planning needs, it may result in additional legal issues and family disputes, especially if you have businesses or sophisticated assets involved. Also, you could make mistakes that impact how your end-of-life wishes are carried out and how your assets are divided amongst family, friends or charities.

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Don’t take on the probate or estate administration processes alone. We have extensive knowledge in this area of law and can help mitigate stress, anxiety and any fears you may have during this time so you can focus on your family and remembering your loved ones.

Our firm is dedicated to not only helping you create an estate plan that fits your lifestyle now and for the future, but also making you understand every aspect of your plan and how it works. We will guide you through the process and provide you with the best possible legal counsel.

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